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Echium candicans - Echium candicans, commonly known as pride of Madeira
Old Japanese Maple - Old Japanese Maple
Yellow Lotus flower  (Nelumbo lutea) - Yellow Lotus flower  (Nelumbo lutea)
Summer Archway at Cloudehill - Summer Archway at Cloudehill

Welcome to Garden Imagery

Garden Imagery = A visual collection of garden images

Garden Imagery is an Australian stock photo library by Australian Garden Photographer Kathie Thomas. While gardens are my main focus I do have other images relating to nature, bird life, landscapes and seascapes, etc. Please visit my portfolio to view or contact me to discuss your needs.

Are you a landscaper, garden designer or someone who works in garden construction and maintenance in Victoria, Australia? Would you like quality before and after shots of the gardens you design and work in? I am a garden photographer who would love the opportunity to showcase your work for you, via this website, Instagram, Facebook and on your website and social media. Contact me today to discuss and for a quote.

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